Addressing industrial and consumer waste is one of the most important environmental issues.

Our oceans, agriculture and quality of life ultimately depend on how businesses and consumers address the human impact on earth.

Waste in the environment is a global issue that requires action. As a manufacturer of world-renowned cleaning brands we have a responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations.


“Making our economy sustainable is not a coincidence, but the direct result of actions we take – as companies and consumers.  We can be proud of our achievements to date.  Our durable products help save waste, while delivering excellent product performance.  In recent years we continuously increased use of recycled plastics in our solid plastic products from 15 to over 40 percent.  Nearly all our plastic packaging is recyclable.  But we have a responsibility to continuously improve and make a difference where we can.  That is why we founded our corporate initiative Love It Clean, which embodies our core belief that we have a responsibility for future generations.  For the upcoming years we are dedicated to achieving ambitious goals, and we are a signatory of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation‘s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.  Because we believe that in sustainability less is more, we want to continue reducing waste, fostering sustainable packaging, designing out virgin plastic and focus on what we do best: Creating high quality products that last.”
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